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Why Growth Hurts Sometimes

by Izy Clark |



Why Growth Hurts Sometimes

Ugh the title of this post doesn't even sound fun, but it's something we need to talk about. Oftentimes I see people post about growing and evolving and how awesome it is, but I don't always see them talk about the pain of growth.

And before we go any further, this post isn't supposed to freak you out or make growing and evolving seem like this super scary painful process. It's just about offering insight into what growth is really like :) 

When you find yourself moving onto bigger things and chasing your dreams you’ll find that not everyone, even the people closest to you will be there cheering you on. As you grow you’ll start to see that some of the people that you could always talk to are no longer your go to, you find yourself feeling like a bother, maybe even anxious about sharing your goals or accomplishments. They can be dismissive, uncaring or make you feel obnoxious for talking about what you're passionate about.

This is where the pain of growth comes in, often times the person you are meant to be will cost you people, places, and things. That person is always more valuable than what they've outgrown, you can always shrink yourself to fit back in those spaces because letting go is painful but staying stagnant is even worse. 

And don't let this post freak you out, because as painful as growth can be there's so much joy and happiness in it too. You’ll find new people, places, spaces, and things to be a part of and they'll grow with you.


-Izy 💖

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