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by Izy Clark •

Mental Health Matters Self Love

Self Love? What Is It? What Does It Look Like? 💖

  What is self love exactly, and what does that look like?  On social media I often see people posting about self love, about how they choose to love their bodies and themselves everyday. And that’s an amazing thing, but it's hard to do. Oftentimes self love is making tiny changes for the better, it’s disliking ourselves a little bit less each day, it's coming to terms with the fact that you’ll never have a perfect body (whatever that means) and that's okay.  Self love is very seldom easy, it’s allowing yourself to move on from people, places, and things you’ve outgrown. It’s making the hard painful decisions that you know are best for you, it's protecting your peace, setting boundaries, and knowing that your responsibility is to no one but yourself. Self love is not something that you just happen to get a hold of, it's ongoing, evolving, and it grows as you do. Self love is giving yourself permission to be less than the (often unrealistic) expectations we set for ourselves.  This doesn’t mean to give up on our dreams or goals or to ‘lower’ our goals - it means that setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves we set ourselves up for discouragement and in fact keep ourselves from getting to where we want to be.   I heard someone say recently that failure is not failure at all it is feedback. I really loved that statement.  I realized that whatever it is that I am doing, I can love myself and allow myself simply to learn and grow.  If i don’t get the results I had hoped for in anything I do, that is more than ok, that is actually awesome it means that I actually took a step to go forward and learned and now have more info to keep going and keep learning. Love yourself right where you are.  Love yourself when you move forward and when you are still.  Learn that loving yourself and your worth are not tied to what you do in life or earn or possess.  You friend are worthy of love just because you are you!  -Izy 💖