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Don't Let Fears of What Others Think of You Hold You Back

by Izy Clark |

How to not care what others think (or at least not let them hold you back.)

Alright y'all in this post I’ll be talking about how to not care so freaking much about people and their opinions of you. And if I’m being honest I still find myself caught up in this whole mess sometimes, worrying if I said the right thing, made the right post, or if people will think my videos and social media content are cringe worthy and laughable. 

When I started The Funnel Cake Tree about 2 years ago, I was sooo excited but also weirdly worried about what people would think. I’d find myself embarrassed to share my website or my socials because I had this crazy fear that they would think what I was doing was stupid. And to be honest some people did, some people still think this is silly, they think my posts are cringey, my photos are dorky, and my copy is bad.

But I realized that so many more people don’t think that, they’re encouraged by my posts, they love my dorky videos and silly opinions, they feel seen and welcomed. I learned that my fear of what other people think of me was keeping me from sharing  the positivity I so want to share, it was keeping me from encouraging people, from stepping out and making a difference in even one person's day. 

I also learned that those who will judge you the most, think what you're doing is silly and useless are only doing this out of their own dislike for themselves. And yes I know it’s the classic ‘hurting people hurt people’ but its true, Some people see you living authentically and they lash out at that, not because you deserve but because they don't allow themselves that same luxury. Very few people ever live their lives without caring what others think and those that do are revolutionary.

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