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Wholesale Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in carrying The Funnel Cake Tree line in your store.

The Funnel Cake Tree is offered wholesale to qualified businesses through the platforms below as well as direct. 

There are varying benefits to each option and we encourage you to take advantage of any incentives that are a good fit for you.

Please note, The Funnel Cake Tree cannot be sold via 3rd party platforms including, but not limited to Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Groupon, or others.  If in doubt, please reach out for clarification.

Click Here to Shop:

The Funnel Cake Tree - Faire Link - $100 Credit for Qualified Boutiques

Sign Up for Tundra - Get 15% off Your First Order for Qualified Boutiques

The Funnel Cake Tree on Abound - $25 Credit For Qualified Boutiques


If you prefer to shop wholesale with us directly, please email:


Also all the things on this here site Copyright  The Funnel Cake Tree® Soooooo please don't copy.  That's not very nice Lets just be friends that are cool 😎

Thank You!