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The Funnel Cake Tree

Hi! I'm Izy (the girl with the pink buns 😂) Welcome to The Funnel Cake Tree, A dream of mine since I was a little girl and now a real place dedicated to all my artsy endeavors and the tools it takes to make them. 

 (New section for supplies coming soon)

We are growing!  And as we all know growing can be messy, (so messy!) but also awesome.  I am so happy you're here to be a part of it.  Join our mailing list for exclusive deals, updates, & FREE monthly patterns and printables. 

-Izy, The Craftiest of Crafters


I recently ordered pins for my daughter who is pin-obsessed to put on her back pack from The Funnel Cake Tree.  I got the Pixel Pin set and besides being adorable and high quality, they match my daughters sassy personality.  Specifically, the one that says, HAHAHAHAH, No.  She loved that one and I do, too.  She's 14, but I might not be able to resist one of the adorable crocheted plushies.

-Marybeth, Lifestyle For Real Life

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