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The Funnel Cake Tree Loyalty Program

Or Brownie Points As We Like To Call Them.

Hmm Brownies and Funnel Cakes, Are You Seeing A Theme Here?  💖

Anyway,  the whole point is to say - Thank you :)

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Got questions?  More details below.

Ways to earn Brownie Points

Earn 1 Point for every $1 you spend at The Funnel Cake Tree to unlock exciting rewards.

Other ways to earn....

Share the love - refer a friend.  They get $5 off and you get 150 Points!

Like us on Facebook - 30 points

Follow on Instagram - 50 points

Share on Facebook - 50 points

And more!

The Goods

$5 Off Your Next Purchase - 250 Brownie Points To Unlock

$10 Off Your Next Purchase - 500 Brownie Points to Unlock

$25 Off Your Next Purchase - 1500 Brownie Points to Unlock